Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that 2012 is winding down to an end.  Where did the year go?  As much as I am not a fan of New Years Eve ~ it saddens me to say goodbye to another year ~I have to be thankful for the years that I have enjoyed on this earth and the years I will continue to enjoy, Lord willing. 

I would love to come up with a top ten for 2012, but with little time to write this (want to get it about before the 31st is over), I am going to choose a few highlights.  My top ten would definitely include my two beautiful children whom I love, cherish and thank God for everyday, my wonderful, supportive husband, my family, our health and all the wonderful things we share!  Here are some of my cherished things and favorite memories of 2012...with many more packed away in the scrapbook albums. 

My daughter skiing for the first time!
My son scored his first goal!

Vacation in one of my favorite places ~ Ogunquit, ME!
We found starfish after much searching.
Completed 25 miles for MS!
So proud of my accomplishment.
Starting my own business! Yay ~ a great journey that I hope continues.
 My soul mate ~ my wonderful, handsome hubby!

 Our trip to Barbados ~ sans kids!
(We did miss them)
 My Lovely Family ~ xoxo!
Happy New Year to you and your family.  I hope 2013 brings you health and happiness!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Updated Site!


Wanted to share my updated store site.  Would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think.  This is the look I had envisioned three months ago, but needed time to familiarize myself with html and that comes with running an online store. 
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Hope to add new posts to the blog for the new year.
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have a Wonderful Holiday!

Merry Christmas from our "NEST" to yours!
The Memory Nest would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. 
Hope you have a blessed holiday and remember to give thanks for all that you have. 
I will be counting ALL my blessings this holiday!
Happy Holidays!

P.S. Take LOTS of pictures for scrapbooking!
I will be back on December 26th to announce the winner of the December Giveaway!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Remembrance and Reflection!

Today is such a somber day ~ just one week ago twenty-six innocent lives were taken
from this earth.  The evil of that act can not outdo all the good that has occurred, in
many ways and forms, during the past week.
Earlier this morning, I tweeted and posted on Facebook some of my thoughts and feeling
as we remember the ones so abruptly taken from this earth and their families:

Please respect the families and the loved ones that they lost with a moment of silence
at 9:30. All are in my heart and thoughts!
The Lord is crying with us today in CT with all these heavy rains this morning. I am
so saddened for all those affected by this devastating tragedy! Hope all will remember
the beautiful lives lost in Newtown with a moment of silence at 9:30 this morning.
My prayers and thoughts are with the families!

I wanted and needed  to respect all those beautiful people at 9:30 this morning, like the 
governor of my state asked us to do!  As I was driving to spin class, I was hoping the
instructor was planning or would be open to partaking in the moment of silence as
 our class began.

We tuned into 99.9 and listened to the thoughts compiled from people throughout the
week.  At 9:30 the radio went silent for 26 seconds.  The moment of silence was
followed by 26 church bells.  During that time, I embraced, thought about and prayed
for all those people who tragically lost their lives, especially the littlest victims asking
God to be there for the families.  I cried ~ I needed to grieve for all the lost lives from
this terrible, devastating tragedy.  As a mother, I can not even imagine what those
parents are going through.

As I was running errands after class, I was reminded of all those beautiful new angels
with a song that was played on the radio, 100.5, entitled Condolences.  It was so moving
and touching, written for the people of Newtown who lost a loved one, by a fellow
CT citizen.  Everytime I hear the president read the names of the twenty children, and
can not help but cry.  Click link to hear the song -

As I write this, the sun has since peeked out from behind the grey clouds.  Maybe not
for long, but to remind us that there is hope  and good in our world during a time when it
is so hard for many of us to comprehend what happened one week ago.  We need to remember
 to reflect on the good in the world, be thankful for our loved ones and our own time on this
earth.  We never know when it will be our time, life on earth is short.  As hard as it may be 
or the guilt we feel moving on, we need to continue living, especially for all the little ones
we hold dear in our hearts.  We need to be thankful for what we have during our time here. 

May you find peace in your hearts and comfort from the Lord during this holiday season
and difficult time that is so hard to comprehend!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From Your Little "Deers"

The teacher gift is complete.  I saw the idea for the reindeer fingerprint mug on Pinterest and just thought it was adorable.  The mug came out absolutely delightful - wish I could keep it for myself.  (This was the original pin: . It is on my crafty items and gifts board)
I am not a big card maker but thought I would try my hand at it using my cricket cartridge.  I thought I had a different looking reindeer.  While writing this post I realized it was on a different cartridge. 
So the teacher in me had a hard time writing "deers" since I know the singular and plural form is deer (no s).  People may refer to kids as my little dears, so it is the play on words that I need to keep in mind.  Needless to say, it was hard to write "deers" knowing it was going to a teacher.

Can't wait to see her expression when she opens it.  I know the students are going to be excited and I really had a fun time making this gift.  Thank you origianl pinner!

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Artiste - A Boy's Life

This is my little artist.  He was working on a project for school in which he needed to choose a storybook character that he could write a riddle about and eventually dress up as.  The teacher wanted an illustration of the character.  My boy sat down and meticulously (at least I thought so for his age) drew The Cat and the Hat along with amazing details from the book.  I was so proud of his ability and talent that the scrapbooker in me needed to capture his work. 

The paper used is A Boy's Life by Echo Park.  It is the perfect collection for pretty much anything little boy.  I find that "boy" paper is hard to find.  I cut out flags from the same patterned paper used on the layout and adhered cutout Cricut letters (Plantin Schoolbook) to them for the title.  I left enough space at the top of each flag to fold over and tape it onto the string  .Papers used: Energetic, Hot Rod, and Magnetic.

Happy Drawing and Scrapping!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

So Saddened!

Hello Readers.  I am so saddened by the horrific tragedy that occurred yesterday in CT, the state I live in.  I hope that all of you will keep the families in your thoughts and prayers.  I will be posting again as soon as my mind can concentrate a little better.  Right now my heart and thoughts are with all those suffering from losing a loved one or trying to cope with the devastation.  For the meantime, check out my last two posts.  And don't forget to enter our contest.  One last thing, hug your kids this weekend and think of how grateful you are to have them in your arms. 

With a Sad Heart,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Decor!

One of the blogs is doing a Christmas decoration Linky Party, which gave me the idea to share some of my decorations with all of you! Enjoy.

My mantel decorated with greens, lights. beads, ribbon and nutcrackers. 
The handmade stocking are just beautiful.
Our tree with clear lights and tons of different ornaments collected throughout the years. 
The window picture with a few decorations on top of the piano.
This is how I display my Christmas photo cards. 
I have these cute hooks that I hang from the greens. 
Our Nutcrackers are displayed on the fireplace.  My kids, especially my son, love nutcrackers.  I bought them each a new one this year.  Sshhhh, they do not know.  So excited to surprise them.
Happy Decorating!

PINspiration Christmas Card

Hello Readers (and fellow Pinterest lovers)!

It has been so fun exploring Pinterest to find and share pinspiration.  I have found a lot of ideas that have PINspired me!

The pinspiration that I am sharing today was an idea that I recreated for my Christmas card (on my photo pinboard you can see the pin that inspired me to do this).  I got the footprints in the sand idea from Pinterest also.

I love beach Christmas card pics but have always been hesitant about taking our Christmas card picture months before the holiday [since little kids change so much in that short amount of time].  My kids are a little older now and not changing as quickly.  I am so happy that I decided to do this card for 2012.  It is our best card yet and I have received tons of compliments on it.  Thanks for the pinspiration original Pinterest pinner.

I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah
and Happy New Year from our "Nest" to yours!

Happy Holidays from The Memory Nest
Leslie and Family

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Lemonade! Get your Lemonade!"

My children decided to run a lemonade stand this summer while we were in Rhode Island.   Before we left for our stay, they made a sign and planned how they were going to sell lemonade.  I knew this would be a great opportunity and event to scrapbook.  The day of the lemonade stand I followed them out to the curb with my camera in hand. 

Here you have two similar yet different layouts using paper by Lily Bee from the Double Dutch collection: Lemonade and Croquet).  This paper is currently on special at The Memory Nest.

The lemon cutouts were from the Cricut cartridge Doodlecharms (it is actually a watermelon).  The letters were cut using Alphalicious.  For one of the layouts I layered the letters in the title (normal and bold).  The rectangular spaces on each page will be used for journaling (when I get around to it). 


Happy Scrapping!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chevrons, Cricut, and a Cat

Chevrons are so fun to work with since they add a fun, whimsical look to a page.  The colors and the whimsical feel seemed to be a great fit for a page about The Cat and the Hat.

The paper on this page is from a couple of the Glitz collections:  Cashmere Dame, Chevron, Yours Truly Chevron, and Yours Truly, Stripe.  Rather than a straight across strip, I cut the chevrons out to give the strips a little added detail and add to the whimsy of the page.

The letters for The Cat and the Hat were made using the cartridge Alphalicious.  Each letter was cut in either short, tall ball or italic to add to the whimsy feeling of Dr. Seuss.  The Cat and Hat were done in shadow on white paper.  I cut the same size letters in normal font and placed foam dots under them.  The raised look makes the page more fun. 

Check out the paper at The Memory Nest.

Happy Scrapping!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Cards by Cassie!

Good Morning. 

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.  Here are the cards Cassie, who designs for The Memory Nest, created.  We love her  work.  This past week she used supplies from the Basic Grey Collection - Aspen Frost.  Check it out at our store  If there is something from that collection you want but don't see, please contact me at

Basic Grey Aspen Frost

Enjoy her cards and if you would like to see more of her work follow Cassie's blog at The Memory Nest will be posting her work from time to time along with our scrapbook pages and other projects. 

Happy Viewing!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pinterest Inspired!

Hello Followers!  It has been a long time since I added a post  This one is a Pinterest Inspired Project!

Pinterest is such a great site for sharing ideas from food, to crafts, to decorating and much more.  I found a great project using an old window as a picture frame.  I just had to recreate it. 

I searched all over for an old wooden window.  I finally found an excellent deal on one at a store called The ReCONNstruction Center, a building materials reuse store, where the profits go towards habitat for humanity.  It was probably a little bigger than I needed.  I took it home and sanded it (with the help of my hubby).  I glazed the window panes since all the old stuff was chipping off.  I think I did a pretty good job for my first time.  After letting the glaze dry for several days, I painted the frame a cream color. 

The hardest part was making sure the picture would fit.  I ended up printing two poster sized pictures and piecing them together (cutting off the excess).  There was a lot of math involved in the process since I did not want the two posters to come together through a face or between the two children.  I aslo had to make sure that both their faces would fit in the center pane. is the finished product!  I get so many compliments on it.  People actually notice it!
Happy Pinning and Recreating!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Great Deal and a Giveaway!

Hello fellow scrappers and card makers.  I have missed you this past week as I was away on vacation.  I am back now and well rested, ready to create more treats to share with all of you. 

I have extended our amazing sale that we ran last weekend (Black Friday and Cyber Monday ~ see ad in side margin).  You do not want to miss the amazing deals on washi tape, paper, baker's twine, adhesive, and much more.  Stock up now while you can receive free shipping and a percentage off your order.  Did I mention that some items are already marked down?  Oh and I will be throwing in a free gift! 

Such a great time to stock up on your supplies!!

We are also running another contest for the month of December.  Free craft items.  Make sure to enter via the Rafflecopter on the sidebar of The Memory Nest blog.  There are many ways to enter and you can come back and add extra entries everyday. 

Make sure to check in to see the wonderful cards our designer Cassie has created.  This week she will be showcasing more Christmas cards.  

Happy Entering and Shopping!

Friday, November 30, 2012

More Photo Sleeves Galore

Another photo sleeve scrapbook page.  I love using these pages when you have a gazillion pictures from one event to scrap.  This is my son learning to ride his bike without training wheels.  The paper used on this page is from the Good Life collection by Fancy Pants.  See this paper used on layouts in other Memory Nest blog posts.  The blank 4x6 sections can be used for titles are journaling  (as you can see I did not finish those parts). 
 Look for the photo sleeves at  The Memory Nest online store.  If there is
something specific you are looking for please let
us know!  We would be happy to try and get it for you. 
Happy Scrapping and Shopping!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Happy to Ride my Bike Life!

A big accomplishment when you are little is learning to ride your bike without training wheels.  My son finally accomplished that feat this year.  When I saw the bikes on the sticker strip in the Good Life stickers by Fancy Pants, I knew I wanted to use this collection for his page. 
(the 5x7 picture is not the best quality since it was taken with my iPhone.  It was one of those moments I was glad I had my phone since my camera was home).
The products used on this page are Sweet, Happy, That Way, Tape Stickers and Layered Stickers.  The background is Walnut Cream by Bazzill cardstock.

Check out this collection at and look for other posts with
layouts using this line of paper.
Happy Bragging and Scrapping!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

They ARE the Good Life!

Many of us have things that make our lives good.  The Good Life paper collection by Fancy Pants is great for documenting all the good things in our lives that happen or that we are thankful for.  The materials I used in this layout were Tape Stickers, Layered Stickers and papers That Way, Sweet, and All Good.  The subject of my "good life" are my children.  This picture of them brings a smile to my face and fills my heart with love.

Happy Documenting your "Good Life!"

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"The Good Life"

The Good Life isn't  just how we all feel when scrapbooking our memories but it is also a paper collection by Fancy Pants.  I love the colors and embellishments in this collection.  I decided to use this line to scrapbook one of my accomplishments in life ~ 25 mile bike tour for MS.  Yes, 25 miles on a bike for a girl who is not really athletic.  Talk about being proud of oneself.  It all started with Spinning, which I LOVE, and then turned into training for 25 miles on the road. 

The materials used on this two page layout (which can be done as one) are: Live
(front & back - back used for the picture mat), Layered Stickers, Tape Stickers,
and Bazzill Cardstock Aqua.  By the way, I love the layered flag & flower stickers.
(the pictures that I used on these pages were taken with my iPhone, hence the low print quality)

 So take some time and create a page showcasing something about yourself that makes you proud.
Happy Saluting and Recognizing
 the wonderful YOU!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Are you a Soccer Mom?

Well, I am not one of those crazy soccer moms standing on the sideline yelling
at her kid, but I do enjoy proudly cheering my son on at his games.  Here is a layout about 
me (wow that rarely happens) using the Fancy Pants Little Sport collection. I created
two different soccer pages with some of the Soccer paper on both layouts (see previous post).
Items used on the Soccer Mom page are Soccer, Pinstripe, All Star,
Die Cut Banners and Die Cut PiecesI used burgundy paper that
I had in my stash.  The picture was matted with the solid sides of Soccer
and Pinstripe.  The title was cut out on the Cricut and I attached a black
brad for some dimension.
Happy Scrapping, Sport!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Look Mom, No Hands!

Soccer is one of the sports that my son plays.  As his mom, I think that he is pretty good....and he is much better at not using his hands.  This is his 4th year playing soccer.  When he and his friends first started out at 3 years old, their little hands would want to grab the ball.  Now as a 7 year old, these kids have tremendously improved at the game of soccer. 
I was thrilled with the way this page came out. I love how I used the
All Star paper as most of the background. The Soccer paper was used for the
strip across the bottom with the whole layout completed on burgundy paper
I had in my stash. I used elements from both the Die Cut Banners and Pieces.
Tombow Foam Tabs added dimension to the die cut soccer ball and stars.
This is one of my favorite pages. 
Create a scrapbook page of the Little Sport in your life.
Happy Scoring!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Final Fall Layout - For a little While

I just love fall!  This year I had to get pictures of my kids with the beautiful, colorful foliage. 
The paper used on this page is form the Acorn Hollow Collection by Little Yellow Bicycle. 
Make sure to check out all the deals The Memory Nest has from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  There are markdowns on items and all customers who use code. BlackCyber12 will receive 10% and free shipping (domestic).  All orders will include a free gift.  Don't miss out and stock up on supplies for all your scrapbook and card making needs.

Happy Black Friday!

Reminder: From November 20 - 23 I am going to be sharing fall and thankful related layouts. Be sure to check back through Thanksgiving to see new layouts. The layouts featured use leftover stickers and paper from Prairie Hill, Apple Cheddar Soup, Country Pumpkin Chowder, and Acorn Hollow. I even combined some of the elements from different collections since the color coordinated. So don't throw away your scraps and make sure to check out the archived posts showcasing these lines.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lots to be Thankful For!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I wish you and your family a wonderful day full of thanks.

I chose this layout for the day of thanks since my family is one of the many things I am thankful for ~ along with health, happiness and much more.  I love the many different ways you can coordinate the papers in the Acorn Hollow collection by Little Yellow Bicycle

The papers I used are: Pretty Plaid/Flowered Dot, Walnut Woodgrain/Fleur de Lovely, and Bountiful Bands/Textured Teal (two of the strips from the bands).  I cut out the F from Button, Button/Tiny Tonal Walnut Stripeand placed on rectangle piece from the Fancy Forrest/Pumpkin Pinstripe paper.  I used die cuts from the Country Pumpkin Chowder Pea Pods and the Apple Cheddar Soup stickers adding brads for some extra detail.

I am also Thankful for you: all my followers and customers.  You make this enjoyable and worthwhile.  THANK YOU!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

* Thankful for YOU! Don't forget that all blog followers will be entered into a drawing for a $20 gift certificate to The Memory Nest and will receive some Washi tape. You get to play with the new craze ~ washi tape ~ and then shop for YOUR choice of crafting materials. See details on the sidebar. If you like what you see on the blog, follow for more layout ideas and your chance to win! Contest ends on Thanksgiving!!

Reminder: From November 20 - 23 I am going to be sharing fall and thankful related layouts. Be sure to check back through Thanksgiving to see new layouts. The layouts featured use leftover stickers and paper from Prairie Hill, Apple Cheddar Soup, Country Pumpkin Chowder, and Acorn Hollow. I even combined some of the elements from different collections since the color coordinated. So don't throw away your scraps and make sure to check out the archived posts showcasing these lines.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Count Your Blessings

Count your blessing with Prairie Hill is the collection used in this layout, accented with items from , Country Pumpkin Chowder Pea Pod Diecuts and Apple Cheddar Soup Stickers.  Papers used were Hilltop, Flight Pattern, and Kite Strings.  This collection is so versatile in so many ways.  The colors allow the artist to create a fall layout (pictured below), a summer layout (like the one in a previous post), fall cards (Cassie designed a few), or even a pages showcasing spring or flying kites.  The possibilities go on and on.  Would love to see how you use the paper. 
Happy Counting your Blessings!
Reminder: From November 20 - 23 I am going to be sharing fall and thankful related layouts. Be sure to check back through Thanksgiving to see new layouts. The layouts featured use leftover stickers and paper from Prairie Hill, Apple Cheddar Soup, Country Pumpkin Chowder, and Acorn Hollow. I even combined some of the elements from different collections since the color coordinated. So don't throw away your scraps and make sure to check out the archived posts showcasing these lines.

* Thankful for YOU! Don't forget that all blog followers will be entered into a drawing for a $20 gift certificate to The Memory Nest and will receive some Washi tape. You get to play with the new craze ~ washi tape ~ and then shop for YOUR choice of crafting materials. See details on the sidebar. If you like what you see on the blog, follow for more layout ideas and your chance to win!  Contest ends on Thanksgiving!!

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