Remembrance and Reflection!

Today is such a somber day ~ just one week ago twenty-six innocent lives were taken
from this earth.  The evil of that act can not outdo all the good that has occurred, in
many ways and forms, during the past week.
Earlier this morning, I tweeted and posted on Facebook some of my thoughts and feeling
as we remember the ones so abruptly taken from this earth and their families:

Please respect the families and the loved ones that they lost with a moment of silence
at 9:30. All are in my heart and thoughts!
The Lord is crying with us today in CT with all these heavy rains this morning. I am
so saddened for all those affected by this devastating tragedy! Hope all will remember
the beautiful lives lost in Newtown with a moment of silence at 9:30 this morning.
My prayers and thoughts are with the families!

I wanted and needed  to respect all those beautiful people at 9:30 this morning, like the 
governor of my state asked us to do!  As I was driving to spin class, I was hoping the
instructor was planning or would be open to partaking in the moment of silence as
 our class began.

We tuned into 99.9 and listened to the thoughts compiled from people throughout the
week.  At 9:30 the radio went silent for 26 seconds.  The moment of silence was
followed by 26 church bells.  During that time, I embraced, thought about and prayed
for all those people who tragically lost their lives, especially the littlest victims asking
God to be there for the families.  I cried ~ I needed to grieve for all the lost lives from
this terrible, devastating tragedy.  As a mother, I can not even imagine what those
parents are going through.

As I was running errands after class, I was reminded of all those beautiful new angels
with a song that was played on the radio, 100.5, entitled Condolences.  It was so moving
and touching, written for the people of Newtown who lost a loved one, by a fellow
CT citizen.  Everytime I hear the president read the names of the twenty children, and
can not help but cry.  Click link to hear the song -

As I write this, the sun has since peeked out from behind the grey clouds.  Maybe not
for long, but to remind us that there is hope  and good in our world during a time when it
is so hard for many of us to comprehend what happened one week ago.  We need to remember
 to reflect on the good in the world, be thankful for our loved ones and our own time on this
earth.  We never know when it will be our time, life on earth is short.  As hard as it may be 
or the guilt we feel moving on, we need to continue living, especially for all the little ones
we hold dear in our hearts.  We need to be thankful for what we have during our time here. 

May you find peace in your hearts and comfort from the Lord during this holiday season
and difficult time that is so hard to comprehend!


  1. Thank you for your heartfelt words Leslie. Yesterday was a somber day....I felt the same way. Like I had never seen rain like that before, and then the sunshine...I couldnt help but think of the words you wrote earlier and now as I read your blog today it reminds me that there is hope......
    thank you for your inspiring words & reflections! Youve made a difference in my life!

    1. Halina, I am so glad that this post has made you realize there is hope in times of saddness. The good definitely outweighs the evil. I was hoping that people would be able to grieve for a moment and remember the sadness of last week but then realize that life is precious and we must embrace what we have and live to the fullest.
      Merry Christmas ~ Friend <3

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