From Your Little "Deers"

The teacher gift is complete.  I saw the idea for the reindeer fingerprint mug on Pinterest and just thought it was adorable.  The mug came out absolutely delightful - wish I could keep it for myself.  (This was the original pin: . It is on my crafty items and gifts board)
I am not a big card maker but thought I would try my hand at it using my cricket cartridge.  I thought I had a different looking reindeer.  While writing this post I realized it was on a different cartridge. 
So the teacher in me had a hard time writing "deers" since I know the singular and plural form is deer (no s).  People may refer to kids as my little dears, so it is the play on words that I need to keep in mind.  Needless to say, it was hard to write "deers" knowing it was going to a teacher.

Can't wait to see her expression when she opens it.  I know the students are going to be excited and I really had a fun time making this gift.  Thank you origianl pinner!

Happy Creating!


  1. Such a great idea! Thanks for following me and I'm glad you gave me your link because I definitely want to be crafty and I appreciate you sharing your ideas with those who are craft-impaired. :)

    1. Anybody can be crafty! I am sure you are more than you realize! Looking forward to connecting with you.

  2. Just curious, how did you get the finger prints on the mug and make them permanent?

    1. I believed I used Pebeo paints and then baked it. The black is sharpie marker that I did before baking and then hoped that would bake in too. Not sure if that stayed. They have Pebeo markers too!


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