Crazy Birthday Mom - Mario Bros.

Not only do I love to scrapbook, but I love extending my creativity to planning for the birthdays of my kids.  Some people may say I go over board, but the kids are only little once, and I want that day to be special.  Here are some pictures from my son's Mario Brothers Birthday.  It was based on the Mario Kart game that he LOVES to play!  Now usually I try to plan the decoration and the games around whatever theme my children decide.  I am excited about sharing this party planning with you, and know there will be more themes to come on my blog!The cake was based around a race track.  It was my son's 6th birthday - hence the the track in the shape of a 6.  I have yet to use fondant, so I had to be extra creative in making the little details.  The cars with characters were purchased (obviously).
The goombas and mushrooms were made with mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  The chomper was a blow pop that I covered in the same icing I used for the six.  I just stuck the stick right in the cake to hold it down.  The question mark boxes were made using the same icing on a Starburst candy.  The icing used can be found in those little squeeze tubes.

Now the decorations have a little back story.  When my little guy was 2, he wanted me to draw him an elephant.  We had this bigger sized paper and the two of us sat down and made an elephant.  Well, that elephant (along with other animals we made) was used as a decoration for his 3rd birthday jungle party.  The rest was history.  After the kids and I made decorations based around the theme of their birthday.  All my pictures were drawn free hand - but I had to look at a picture.  The kids help me paint them!!!

 The baby Luigi picture was near our Mario Kart Tournament Poster. The race car (like the ones on Mario Kart) was borrowed from a family member. Perfect for pictures.

These two pictures give you an idea of the size of our creations.  And of course I scrap booked this fun Mario Kart themed birthday party. 


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