Pinterst to Halloween

I know this is totally not scrapbook related, but I would love to share some of the recent crafts I completed thanks to Pinterst.  I love Halloween and each year I host a Halloween party (kids and adults).  I must say I go a little crazy with decorating and planning, and each year I add more items to the insanity (good old Halloween fun - insanity).  Since I have finally joined Pinterest, I have enjoyed finding  new Halloween ideas.  Some of the projects I completed have been altered, but I would like to share my masterpieces with you.  (FYI: for all you scrapbook followers - I will be posting my completed Thanksgiving pages later).

Someone Pinned an adorable chalkboard frame.  In order to recreate it I would have to find two different decorative frames, which could get pricey if you had to buy them brand new.  I mostly like the idea of having a chalkboard display saying "pick your poison" with drink choices listed for the adults.  
 I took a piece of foam board I had and painted the whole thing black.  Once dry, I framed off about an inch and a half along the sides with painters tape.  I proceeded to paint the middle with two coats of chalkboard paint following the instructions on the bottle. I removed the tape after the chalkboard paint was dry, and created stencils on my Cricut to use for the decorative edge of the "frame."

This floral centerpiece was recreated using a glass vase form the thrift store - painted black.  We had these bouquet of fake flowers that my daughter likes playing with that I place in the vase.  I glued creepy, crawly, gross bugs to the leaves and flowers.  And now I have a cute little table decoration.
The last thing I want to share are the witches legs in the cauldron.  I followed the instructions I found on Pinterst and put tights on two pool noodles, which needed to be shorter and had to be cut).  Then I found old shoes that I had in my closet, which looked really witchy.  My husband used his magic and created some crazy metal post contraption to stick in the pool noodles in order for the legs to stand up.  The metal posts were then placed in a wood base.


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