Bazzill Basics and Matching Paper!

One of the challenges that all scrapbookers face is what solid color to use with their printed papers.  Of course my go to colors are always black and white because most papers work well with those basic colors.  But sometimes using plain old black and white is BORING!!! 

You look through your stash of different colored cardstock hoping to match that blue with the blue in your paper.  Now blue has some great shades but there are tons of different ones to choose from.  Sometimes that simple 'ole light blue that you think will match, doesn't!  I am sure most of us have had those frustrating moments, and now the page you have envisioned can not be completed because the colors don't match your desired outcome.

Well Bazzill Basics has this great color matcher on their website that matches colored cardstock to different companies' printed papers.  The Memory Nest has taken the time to order solid color Bazzill Cardstock to match the printed papers in stock.  In the description section of [most of] the patterned papers it will state which solid colors (carried by The Memory Nest) match the paper you would like to purchase.  This makes shopping so much easier for the customers who shop on The Memory Nest.

For instance:  Basic Grey, Aspen Frost, 12x12 Papers
Match Bazzill Cardstock Colors - Bazzill-White, Intense Kiwi, Kachina, Navajo, Parakeet, Walnut Cream (carried by The Memory Nest)
Bazzill Cardstock Colors - Bazzill-White, Intense Kiwi, Kachina, Navajo, Parakeet, Walnut Cream (Shown below)
Another example is Cheddar from Bazzill Basics is one of the matches for  Teresa Collins, Vintage Finds, 12x12

Remember these colors are only suggestions.  As an artist and creative designer you may think another color works better with the paper you are choosing.  But it is always nice to know that at The Memory Nest you can do a little less thinking and make your shopping experience easier and quicker (saving more time for scrapbooking).  Hope you visit soon.  Happy Shopping!
As always, if you are looking for something in particular, please email with inquiries or questions. 



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