Baking Birthday Party!

My daughter wanted a baking birthday party one year.  I thought how can I have a bunch of girls make food items.  I decided easy food items would be the best way to go.  The baking would consist of taco flavored Chex mix, pizzas (for lunch), and decorating sugar cookies.  I had the table decorated with red checked plastic tablecloths and a chef's hat at each seat.  The girls were asked to bring an apron from home (if they had one - which I knew most of the girls did). 

For our first activity we made Chex mix. I used fresh popped popcorn - yum. Each girl had a chance to come up and measure an ingredient into the bowl or mix the snack - popcorn, pretzels, Chex cereal and the seasoning. They they were able to enjoy what they made.
  For the pizzas, I bought dough from the grocery store.  I split the dough up into small balls and placed it into individual plastic bags.  This way when it was time to make the pizzas, all I had to do was hand out the baggies. 

The children rolled the dough out onto cookie sheets (four kids to a sheet).  I had the cookie sheets lined with parchment paper, which allowed me to initial each pizza.  I had sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and olives for the kids to add to their dough.  
While the pizzas were baking, the girls decorated pot holders using fabric markers.  I also had stencils for the to use if the chose.  I probably would have done aprons, but as mentioned before, I knew most of the girls had aprons that they made at Girl Scouts.  We also had time to take a group picture.
The cake was a "pizza".  I used a large circular pan - vanilla cake mix.  Once the cake was cool, I added the sauce (red frosting), peppers and olives (green and black frosting), and pepperoni orange candy slices (put together to make a circle).  I believe I sliced the orange candy slices thinner so that they would not be too thick. I placed the cake in a pizza box donated from a pizza restaurant! 
The last item we made were the cookies.  I had a variety of icing (already in tubes) and a variety of different sprinkles.  The children had so much fun decorating the different shapes: stars, flowers, and hearts.  I counted the cookies ahead of time and wrote down how many of each shape the kids would be able to decorate to keep it fair. The girls took their cookies home in the boxes displayed below.  The boxes, plates, napkins, etc. were purchased through birthday express.  

Each girl went home with their chef hat, box of cookies, decorated pot holders and a stack of recipe cards for the taco flavored Chex mix and the sugar cookie dough.
All the decorations were created by me with the help of my daughter.  The kids love to help paint.



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