A little Elf with 19 & 20 ~ Austin is 21 - 23

I combined these two posts because I wanted to get all my scrap weekend layouts posted before the next Make it Monday Challenge.  Tomorrow will be the last few!!!

Thanks for all your kind words about me accomplishing so much.  We usually go there and have a competition to see who gets the most layouts done.  This year we were about quality and enjoying and not quantity.  Although, we still got a lot done.  It depends on a lot of factors: using a sketch, going simple or intricate, etc.

My son LOVES the movie Elf, so he was thrilled when Grammie and Pop bought him "elf" pajamas!

Here's a close up so you can see the amazing expression on his face. Truly fits the quote from the movie!

Another elf layout.  And yes, I have a couple more fun pictures to scrap of him in his elf pj's.

Austin page inspired by a Texas layout that had the cutout of the state (saw it on Pinterest).  

More Austin

The two page layout above has a flap that will flip open once in the book (Flip Flaps from CTMH).

Happy Saturday,
Happy Snowy Saturday for me!!!


  1. great job!! LOVE the fun pages!!! those pics of your son on the elf page are super fun!! LOVE the big texas state on your austin pages!!!

  2. Love all of your layouts! The elf pjs are too funny! And I love your big Texas! Very cool :)

  3. So many great design elements on these pages, Leslie! I had a crop at my house today and got 1 card and about 1/2 of a layout done in six hours. LOL! Not very productive, but fun.

  4. Wow wow wowwwwwwww! These are all amazing! LOVING the title work on the first two and loveeeeee the TEXAS one!! That is AWESOME!!!!!!

  5. The elf layouts are so very fun. Love how you cut out the shape of Texas on the Austin layouts too!

  6. What a wonderful batch of layouts! You certainly have been busy!

  7. You totally rock, girl! I can't believe you got so much done. I stopped doing these weekends long ago, because I just sat and talked and came home tired and never accomplished but maybe a page or two in hours and hours and hours. I get so much more done at home, but then, I miss out on all the connections :(. Congrats, though. These are fabulous!


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