Crafty Creations 9!

Good Morning and Happy Monday. 
It is that time of month for you to share your Layouts and Cards 
on our twice a month link up!

Come Inspire and Be Inspired!

I love seeing all the things you create.  Please link back to The Memory Nest in 
some way. And have fun inspiring and being inspired.  (click here for button)

Happy Sharing


  1. I'm loving what I'm seeing so far! Very inspiring!

  2. I love your link-up days, Leslie! I enjoy seeing new things - thanks!

  3. Leslie, I tries to linkup but my card pic doesn't show up. I must have done something wrong. Can you removed it so that I can try to link up again?

    Thank you for the inspirations! I love your link up :)

  4. I add my project here too for inspiration :) Love what everyone has done, can't wait to have a little blog-tour!!


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