Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ninjago Birthday Party - Episode 8

We celebrated my son's 8th birthday with a Ninjago theme.  It was such a fun party.  
I am sharing the fun things I did to make this party a success.  Feel free to use the ideas 
or pin them for later.  I will also share with you where some of my ideas came from 
(other creative bloggers).  Let's spin through this red, white, black, blue and green party!  

I made faux rice screens out of poster board (that almost looked like rice screens)
 a good find at the Dollar Tree.  We cut out strips of black poster board to make the 
backdrop look authentic.  (stop back to see the fun we had with the backdrop).

Added some ninja eyes to cups and balloons to continue the theme.  Snake heads 
were placed on the orange cups (no orange Ninja ~ only black, red, blue, 
white and green).  Snake heads were adhered to paper towel, toilet paper and 
wrapping paper rolls for a game I created.  More to come...

Here is another shot of the balloons with the banner I created thanks to Craft, Iterrupted.
Jaimee was kind enough to share her printables.  Thanks Jaimee.  I loved them all.  I used
the Happy Birthday banner.  I cut out the circle images for that amazing other banner you
created and for the take-out boxes.  

The take out boxes were from Dollar Tree also.  Great price, but I would highly suggest
paying a little more for ones that don't have stickers holding them together.  It was very
difficult to get the stickers off the containers.  Inside each "take-out" box was a bag of
Fortune Cookies - HOMEMADE by Moi.  I even put fortunes in them ~ quoted Sensei Wu!  

The bags pictured below were given to the adults that attended the party and the kids
went home with the containers and an interesting pair of chopsticks (brown) that I found at
Job Lot.  The chopsticks are like big clothespins.  The recipe for the fortune cookies was
found on Pinterest but was not in a Ninjago related post.
The cookies were time consuming but worth it. (pinned from)

This other banner was a blast to make and was another clever creation shared by Jaimee at Craft, Interrupted. It is made using napkins, the little circle graphics, some black paper and a dragon stencil. Unfortunately, I could not sew mine like Craft, Interrupted did (my sewing machine just jams up -ughhh!).

Check out my Ninjago board on Pinterest for other great ideas (I could not use them all).

Since this post is already looooong, I am going to continue with ~ Episode 8 - the fun of the party ~ 
on Saturday.  Make sure to check back to see what else I created and what games we played. 
 I will also be posting a printable fortunes sheet!  

Thanks Again to Jaimee from Craft, Iterrupted for sharing all those wonderful ideas.  

Happy partying!


  1. WOW Leslie!!!!! What an amazing mom you are!!! You did such an incredible job on all of this. what a lucky little boy you have. :) GREAT JOB!!!

    1. Aww, Michelle ~ thank you. SO glad you stopped by. I appreciate your kind comments. I have a lot of fun getting carried away - as you know they are only young once. THANK YOU!! :)

  2. Leslie, you did an amazing job. Everything looks awesome!

    1. Thank you, Rachel. I have a lot of fun preparing for the parties. It is well worth all the time and exhaustion. :)

  3. Hi, I would like to Thank you for joining the fun at Linkin' with my Ladies Blog Hop last week.
    We are inviting you to join us again if you haven't linked up yet. It is now live.
    All the best to your blog and hope to see you at the hop.

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    1. Thanks Judy for stopping by. I will def head over and link up again this week.

  4. Thank you for the shout out! My 2 boys LOVE Ninjago and would be in heaven to go to a party like this. Great job!!


    1. Thanks Brandy. Ninjago is a lot of fun - I love the show. SO glad you stopped by and I appreciate your kind words.

  5. Wooow! Another great party at your house!!
    Your son must have been very, very excited!!
    Your decorations are totally awesome!!
    Awesome job, Leslie!!!!
    wow! wow! wow!!

    1. Lenny, you are the sweetest. Thank you. I get a little carried away when it comes to my kids' birthdays (they are only little once). So glad you stopped by to see the fun we had. I appreciate all your kind words - always! x0

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Jaimee. So glad you stopped by. Your ideas were a HUGE help. I so appreciate you sharing. I LOVED everything you did - obviously! :)

  7. I followed you from WSM blog hop. The party stuff is so great. I used to do that for my kids when they were younger. It was really fun!

    1. Hi Betty. Thanks for the follow. It is so fun to do things for the kids when they are young. I will be sure to stop by and visit your blog soon!

  8. I love this party, it is so great. I am so impressed you made your own fortune cookies!

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!
    Make sure to check back on Friday to see if you were featured.

    1. Hi Leslie. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comments. The fortune cookies were a lot of work but worth it. I look forward to visiting Raising Imperfection next week.

  9. Happy birthday to your son! The party looks like it was great. I'm visiting today from Raising Imperfection. :)

    1. Hello Thank you for visiting and for your kind wishes and comments. So glad you stopped by to visit.

  10. Such an adorable idea!! Love it!

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. HI Lanaya. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Love linking up with you ladies. :)

  11. What a fun party! My boys would LOVE a party like this! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I am now following you via GFC! Have a wonderful night!

    1. Hi Mindi. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Ninjago is really popular among the boys right now. I appreciate the follow. I am now following you also via GFC. I look forward to connecting and sharing craft ideas with you.

  12. Wow, Leslie! You did an amazing job! I love it, and I know your son had a blast. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent! So thrilled you shared with us! I love your blog. Happy Friday!! YAY!! :)

    Thank you again for the awesome giveaway! Can't wait to use it this weekend. :)

    1. Hi Kathy. Thank you for your kind words. My son did have a great time at his party. I am so glad we connected and excited for you since you won the giveaway. Happy shopping.
      :) xo


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