Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Euro sticker – perfect for vacation memories

I have seen the oval euro stickers on cars for many years now. I always thought they looked neat, but I am not a fan of putting stickers all over my car. A few years back we visited Ocean City, Maryland and Washington DC. I spotted the euro stickers reminding me about a vacation page in which I created an embellishment resembling the stickers. Then my scrapbooker light bulb went off with the idea to use them in my scrapbook as a keepsake of our travels.
This year on our travels to Maine, I purchased the oval stickers from the two places we vacationed.  We visited Ogunquit, one of my favorite vacation spots, and Vinalhaven, an island off the coast of Maine.  I have included my picture of my pages so you can see how I used the stickers as an embellishment in the family vacation album.  It may not make for the prettiest embellishment but I love the idea of the memory it creates for the album. 

It is also a way for me to purchase the euro stickers (from many different places) and not have to plaster them all over my car!!  Oh, by the way, I broke down and decided to put a euro sticker on my car.  It’s a smaller scale one of OGT (Ogunquit) placed on the back window.  Notice I said smaller – not as big as the original euro sticker. 

Next time you are travelling and see a Euro sticker consider buying it as a memento to use as an embellishment in your scrapbook.  (Euro stickers are probably not acid free – use at your own risk!)

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