Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Old Layouts!

Hello!!  Sharing some layouts that I created back in the fall using Jillibean Soup 
collections (Cold Avocado Soup and Chilled Cucumber Soup ~ currently on sale at tMN)! 
I am pretty sure they were also created with sketches from months ago.  Will add those
when I figure out which ones! 

Please let me know if comment verification is on.  A bloggy friend notified me that it was, 
which is weird because I had it.   I checked my settings a little while ago it was not 
turned on.  Hmmmm!?!?!   I do not want it on so I would love your help so I can fix it.

Happy Scrapping,


  1. love your fun pages!!! both of them are amazing and love the paper choices and fun circles!!!

    The only thing one is the check you click that says I'm not a robot.

  2. Great Layouts! The top one is a very cool design! now just have to verify that I am not a robot!

  3. These are awesome layouts! :) Love the arrow on the first one. And I love all of the embellishments :) It just has the robot thing but not the numbers and alphas.

  4. Comment verification is on Leslie but it shows as off in your settings.
    We have found out that prove I'm not a robot can be ignored hence that is what I have done here :)
    Someone :( I thought I was more than a someone :(

  5. These are gorgeous! LOVING the colors and love love love the big arrow on the first one!!!!

  6. Awesome layouts! Love that big arrow and the colors are fabulous :)

  7. Beautiful layouts and I love the chose of papers. SUch lovely photos..

  8. also think the colors are fabulous and that arrow is pretty rad, too!

  9. What great layouts Leslie, the class pet one took me back a few years. lol My son was asked to take care of the class pet to the Hearing Impaired class. We were told that "Gus" was old so if he died while we had him not to worry. Yikes! I didn't want a class's pet to die on us! lol He did thank God, we got him back to the class safe and sound. Then we were asked to take and keep him forever and it wasn't long after that, that he died. But my DS loved taking care of that little critter! Love your family layout too, pictures are just darling! Hugs, Brenda

  10. These layouts just make me smile! LOVE the colors and the designs and all the cool embellishments oO!


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