Dance, Shopping, Cards and Dinner

 I finally had a chance to take pictures. The weather has been rainy and a little snowy here.  Today was the first day that it was brighter but not sunny.  

My pages for days 1 - 5 are almost complete (couple of pictures missing that I forgot to print- oops).  BTW... I am obsessed with GOLD!!!  So I have incorporated a lot of gold in my book. Our Christmas card is based around my daughter's gold dress!!

Here is a close up of some of the silly pictures we took for our card!!

Picking up more pictures today!  I will be back to share more soon!!
I have so many things going on in December.  That's what happens when 
life it busy - but lots to document!!

Happy December Daily, 

And don't forget to share what you are creating!
December Daily or any holiday projects!!


  1. Fabulous pages Leslie! Love seeing your days :)

  2. way to go and love all your fun pages!!! cute pic of the kids with the lights!!! LOVE the gold accents!!

  3. Love love love love these pages! Those photos with the kids and the lights are SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very nice pages as always thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I agree super fun pictures :)Gold seems to be an in thing this Christmas for alot of the kits too :) Glad to see it's one of my favorite colors :)

  6. Love your spread! The kids look great. That gold dress is lovely. Love how you carried it through your pages.

  7. I love your album!! And the pics of your kids in the lights are too cute!!!


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