Paris Party!

Hello and Bonjour.

 It has been too long since I last posted to the blog.  I have not had time with all this fabulous birthday party planning I have been doing to prepare for my daughter's 10th birthday.  That's right ~ double digits. I would love to share all the things I did to make it extra special. 

The decorated fireplace with a birthday sign created using the Cricut and paper rosettes using a technique that I will share in a near future post.  Feather boa and clear lights complete the look with pictures of the birthday girl, a pic of the Eiffel tower, a mini light up Eiffel Tower and a dress form!
 The cake and all the fun goodies to go with it.  Pictures of the Eiffel Tower were posted next to the cake.  I was fortunate to have a friend who recently visited Paris.  She shared her pics! 
More paper rosettes hanging in front of the window.

Lanterns purchased at .

 The paper Eiffel Tower on the cake and my daughters dress form. 
She added the purple boa for a little extra flare.

A frame I found on clearance after Christmas that is surrounded by a chalk board, Pictures of my husband and I holding our precious little baby ~ 10 years ago!

Another amazing after Christmas find ~ Eiffel Tower ornament. 
Gave to the guests to take home!

A "shrine" of my daughter with more ornaments,
 paper shoes, and a 10 that was cut from the Cricut.

The Eiffel Tower my husband and I created out of cardboard boxes.  Was a huge
hit amongst the adults and a perfect picture opportunity for the small guests!

Happy 10th Birthday, Mademoiselle!

A la prochaine (until next time). Check back to see the details behind the goodies and the decorations!

Au revoir et 
faire la fĂȘte heureux!
(Goodbye and
Happy Partying)


  1. Thank Lenny! You are always so kind and I love reading your comments.

  2. Simply beautiful! I love your style!
    Happy Birthday!!

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous party - you and your husband go all out (my kind of people!) :)
    What are those pink cookies? I'd love the recipe for those :)

    1. Hi Angela. Yes my husband and I go all out. Glad to hear there are other people that do the same thing. Kids are only little once. The cookies are cherry flavored. You can find the link to the recipe in this post. Let me know if you make them. They were delish. Next week I will be posting my son't Ninjago party.


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