To Cricut or not too Cricut? Definitely CRICUT!

I have been in love with the Cricut for a few years now.  I own the small Cricut and the big Cricut Expression (so many great options with the Expression).  Lots of my scrapbook friends have started using the machine after seeing all the creative things that can be done with it - I am the go to girl at our crops.  Of course, I don't have all the answers.  Sometimes cuts don't come out the way or size I want and I have to redo them.

The thing I love most about the Cricut is making letters. I think stickers look awesome, but after a while you run out of a letter or two or three that you need. Not with the Cricut. And each font cartridge can be used in a variety of ways to make those letters look different (size, italics, bold, layering with shadow). The size itself can give the letters a whole different look. 

Here I share some of the fun and clever ways I have used the Cricut for invitations.  Check back to see the pages I have created using the Cricut.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

The rock star invites were made using the Rock Princess cartridge.  This week I will be posting pages using the same cartridge for embellishments.

Love the little rock star girls.  If you make them too small the pieces can be difficult to work with, but the finished product is adorable.
The Angry bird invite was made using a variety of shapes from different cartridges.  I cut out clouds and grass (I believe from Zoobaloo).  The pieces for the birds and pigs mostly came from George and Basic shapes.  It was fun (but time consuming) figuring out which shapes and sizes would work for the characters. The sling shot was constructed from the letters U and I.
The Safari birthday invite was created using Zooballoo.  The animals are adorable and it was really neat that my son's favorite animal - the elephant - matched with the first letter in his name.


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