Saturday, February 11, 2017

Winter Wonderland

Hello All!  Lots of winter wonderland around here lately.  On Thursday, we got 14" of snow.  No school Thursday or Friday (lots to clean up).  And as I write this, we are supposed to be getting a few more inches tonight.  Then, Sunday may bring some more.  That's February for you in CT.

Here are some winter layouts I recently created with old pictures.  These layouts were inspired by layouts you can find on my Pinterest Board ~ Layouts.

Happy Winter, 


  1. Two stunning layouts Leslie... the colours in the first one are just gorgeous. I have only seen snow twice and I loved it. Not sure I would like to live with that cold all the time but then again I don't like the extreme heat either... can't win I reckon. But scrapping makes everything better. <3

  2. And it was 87 degrees here yesterday ... sigh ... that's life in AZ ... :( I love love love your pages!! They are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. WOW....14 inches of snow. We got a couple of inches Friday, but it all melted today with a lovely "Spring like" Day....just a tease. Wonderful layouts....great inspiration!!!

  4. These are both great but there's just something about that second one that I love so much! I think it's the scattered mixture of stars and snowflakes! Try to keep warm!

  5. What fun winter layouts Leslie! I know you guys have really been getting hammered with snow this year! As well as NY, Boston, etc...Ya'll can have it! lol We only got a few inches so far and that was on Thursday and it is all melted now. We've had a very mild winter for which I am very thankful for! Stay toasty my friend and enjoy the snow days with your kiddo's! Hugs, Brenda

  6. That is a lot of snow!--We haven't had too much this year and what we did have left right away! 2 cute pages here!!!


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